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What is ‘metal’? The general definition is typically a solid material that is hard, shiny, malleable, fusible, and ductile with good electrical and thermal conductivity (e.g., iron, gold, silver, copper and aluminum and alloys such as brass, bronze and steel.)

Restoration and preservation of metal objects is often a challenging endeavor. Most metals and alloys, to varying degrees, are very prone to atmospheric, chemical and aging changes. Typically, these changes are visible on the ‘Oberfläche’ or surface stratum. Anything from mother’s silver set, coins, door/window hardware, architectural elements, metal vessels and cabinetry to church metalware all exhibit deterioration and patination. Most metals, when in contact with an oxygen atmosphere, will show surface changes to the solid or plated metal stratum.

With the exception of iron, which usually has a paint applied surface, natural effects on metals are achieved with chemical patination, plating, coating and mechanical texturing to produce a wide variety of colors, patterns and finishes. However, over time exposure to the elements will change the surface conditions resulting in the need to make restoration repairs and bring the metal stratum back to its original quality and appearance. Heritage Restoration and Design Studio has restored and/or preserved many metal surfaces on a variety of items. Our staff also has extensive experience with architectural metals – a building's ornamentation, consisting of ornate grilles, panels, doors, cornices and sculptures, each aging at different speeds and to varying degrees. A careful examination by our experts will determine the nature and depth of any metal oxidation. From there, Heritage Restoration can provide both a solution and the needed corrective measures.

metalware restoration
  • Gold, silver, brass cleaning, polishing and plating
  • Copper restoration
  • Bronze restoration
  • Nickel cleaning, polishing and plating
  • Lead containment and restoration
  • Protective clear coatings
  • 95% Cold Zinc Galvanization (by weight)
Restoration Projects

Door/window hardware, hinges, push/pull and kick plates
Bronze reliefs, statues and plaques
Plated and sterling silverwares
Candlesticks and brass/bronze components
Liturgical wares: chalice, plates, ciborium, tabernacle, patens, pyx etc.

Additionally, we offer all our clients a free self care program for the maintenance of metalwares restored by Heritage Restoration and Design Studio.


Metalware Restoration