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Experience Counts

Heritage Restoration and Design Studio has been in the restoration and preservation business for six generations. Each successive generation has added to the knowledge base, totalling over 275 years of practice and experience. Our clients are from coast to coast in the USA as well as in Europe.

We offer professional museum quality conservation and restoration services for an impressive list of fine art elements. We also provide full replication services for a wide variety of mediums especially polymers, woods, hard resins, glass and stones.

Past Restoration Experience
  • Oil Paintings
  • Statuary and Reliefs, Polychrome
  • Stained Glass
  • Antique Fencing
  • Antique Wood Furniture
  • Antique Architectural Mill-working
  • Lithographs
  • Interior/Exterior Frescos
Disaster Response
  • Water Damage Due to Flooding, Tornadoes, Hurricanes
  • Mold Growth on Images and Documents
  • Smoke Damage from Fire and Heat
  • Insurance Claims and Appraisals
art and antiquity repair Illinois
Mediums We Restore or Replicate
  • Paintings and Prints
    • Oils
    • Acrylics
    • Watercolors
    • Lithographs
    • Original Prints
  • Statuary
    • Marble
    • Stone
    • Wood
    • Resin
    • Porcelain
    • Plaster
  • Antique Wood Furniture and Frames
  • Antique Stained Glass
  • Historic Mosaics
  • Faux Finishes – Wood Graining, Marbleizing, Graniteizing

Historic replication is a skill set we employ on a daily basis. Replication can mean duplicating an original object such as a statue or window. It can also be interpreted as replication of a single element such as a missing frame component or plaster casting.

  • Stained Glass Windows and Panels
  • Interior and Exterior Antique Mill-working
  • Oil Paintings on Canvas by the Masters
  • Antique Wood Frames
  • Mosaics
  • Faux Finishes
  • Plaster or Resin Castings
  • Door and Window Hardware, Pulls and Knobs

Between our expertise in fine arts restoration and the full reproduction services we provide, Heritage Restoration and Design Studio is your ‘one stop shop’, located conveniently in Central Illinois.

Our company’s mission is to “Design, Restore and Preserve for the Future”.


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Restoring Oil Paintings

Digitally Edited Reproductions

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Statue Restoration Before and After

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