Project Overview

Heritage was tasked to restore an eighty-year-old Baldwin Acrosonic piano. This vintage instrument had become scratched and discolored after three generations of consecutive use. The piano was disassembled to allow access to the individual components. The original finish was stripped away, exposing the wood grain beneath. The cleaned piano surfaces received seven layers of stain and finish to create achieve a rich texture and shine. After a final tuning the piano was fully restored.

Project Video
In Depth

Due it its age and heavy use, the piano and its bench had numerous scratches along every visible surface. These marks upset the finish significantly lessen its appeal. Using a series of tools, Heritage’s staff disassembled the outer wooden covering. Using chemical solvents, the old finish was removed from the each of these pieces (including the original worn manufacturer’s decal). This process exposed the original wood grain.

The piano was moved to our paint room, where the keys were removed and carefully cleaned. The surface of the instrument was stained, changing it from a light tan to a rich reddish-brown. The stain was left to dry overnight. Seven layers of finish coatings were then applied to each surface, adding luster and providing protection from future environmental damages such as water damage. At this time, Heritage procured an exact replica of the original manufacturer's decal and sealed it onto its proper place on the headboard of the piano.

After the finish dried, the piano was given a final tuning. After eighty four years of constant use, the Baldwin Acrosonic was fully restored. Click on the video on the right to witness our resident pianist playing this piano before and after its restoration.


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