This stylized chair has become scratched with age. Our client wanted his furntirue piece restored ino a like-new condition. Heritage Restoration's wood shop obliged and performed a full refinishing job that restored the value to this damaged recliner.



In Depth

This springy recliner chair was in a very worn state after years of normal usage. The surface was pockmarked with scratches and indentations. The first step in this restoration was to disassemble the chair. The wood components were stripped of their old finish using chemical compounds. Meanwhile, the metal hardware underwent strenuous cleaning to remove years of rust.

After the cleaning processes, the chair parts were as close to their original appearance as possible. From here, they were taken to our finishing room to receive a fresh colorization. Layers of finishes and coatings were applied to increase the lightness of the chair, and to protect the surface from environmental damage. To bring out the filigrees, our staff added darker tones to the recessed portions of the front panels. After this work was completed, we reassembled the components back into the completed chair.

Take a look at our gallery below to see photos of the restored chair as it is being loaded for our client.

View Our Work- Restoring a Spring Chair


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