This hope chest had seen better days. Its had become faded and heavily scratched. The tarnished surface was carefully treated to bring the chest back to its former glory.



A local engineer and hobby carpenter specialized in creating heirloom quality reproductions of furniture pieces from the 18th-20th centuries. One of his mirrors had been damaged over the past few years. The damaged sections of the frame were recreated while the remainder of the vintage piece was preserved.



Heritage Restoration repairs a damaged stained glass window of St. Jude Thaddeus. As it happens, this particular window happens to be one that we installed over a decade ago.



In this project, we replaced a missing ear on a small concrete statue of a lamb.



A thirty year old wooden house door was brought in for refinishing. Its once rich cherry color had faded into a pale yellow. Worse still, a large dye stain covered both the door's base and its carved centerpiece. These blemishes were carefully lightened and a new cherry stain was applied.



As long as you have the right equipment and materials, it’s not too difficult to recreate something that was lost. In this case, a wooden processional cross was constructed based off the designs contained in old photographs.


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