A country church was in need to repairs for its two largest stained glass windows. These twenty-one foot behemoths required a deep cleaning and new frames. What began as a simple job turned into a multi-month long adventure to recover from a supply chain malfunction.



Heritage Restoration was invited to resurface two columns in the lobby of the tallest building in Peoria, the Twin Towers Place. The need for repairs was brought about by water damage entering the hollow cavity within each column. A new design was created that would both beautify the lobby space, as well as conduct rainwater away from the columns and into a drainage system.


Project Overview

Heritage Restoration was invited to bid and participate in the restoration of the Natural History Building located on the campus of the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana. This 1892 structure was designed by Nathan Clifford Ricker. Ricker became the first person in the United States of America to receive an architecture degree. The Natural History Building was inducted into the National Register of Historic Places in 1986. Heritage Restoration was responsible for restoring the majority of the woodwork in this building, as well as recreating a missing four-story staircase.


Project Overview

Heritage Restoration was invited to serve as general contractor for the restoration of Reddick Mansion in Ottawa, Illinois. This distinguished pre-Civil War home is a part of the National Register of Historic Places under the Washington Park Historic District. Heritage was also responsible for restoring all of the historic millwork and glass, as well as replicating any missing components that had been lost to time.


Restoring and Antique Entrance

Project Overview

Heritage’s staff recently completed the restoration of an antique entrance for St. Bede’s Academy. Since portions of the entrance trim had to be restored without disassembly, specialized techniques were employed to repair and refinish each surface. Several doors, a stained glass window frame, and an original light fixture were also repaired and finished to a like-new condition.


Jefferson Texas Church

Project Overview

Heritage Restoration and Design was invited into this project by the pastor and church committee as design support for a local architect and was ultimately awarded a contract for a variety of components. Originally this church was constructed in the mid 1900s and unfortunately burned to the ground. It was later rebuilt but not to the same scale or architecture. In the early 2000s it was decided that an interior renovation was needed to bring back many of the lost elements during the reconstruction. Heritage, through its experience in this field, coordinated design elements with a local architecture firm and rough construction details with a local general contractor. Final installation of furnishings and artwork were completed by Heritage’s artisans.


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