Pierre Marquette Medallion


Two antique ceiling medallions were ordered for reconstruction for the historic Peoria Marriott Pierre Marquette Hotel. The originals were long gone, but Heritage was able to accurately rebuild them using photographs as a reference.

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In Depth

During a renovation of the hotel’s presidential suite, the original ceiling medallions were removed. Three photographs of the exited as a reference. Heritage’s staff took these images and used them to create a three dimensional model of the medallion. The model was then separated into ten components, which were printed in 3D using plastic.

To make the medallions, Heritage will need to create dozens of copies of these components. All ten parts were affixed to a board with raised side rims. The open space between the rims was filled with a mold-making compound. After the materials dried, the original parts were removed, leaving a perfect impression.

Using a plaster solution, we created all the pieces required to complete the reconstruction. Each medallion has forty individual parts. Visitors to the Pierre Marquette hotel can now see these rebuilt medallions on the ceiling of the presidential suite!

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