In Brief

Heritage recently constructed this wooden shrine for an out-of-state client. We put specific detail into the liturgical design of the shrine, in as much as it needs to match with the overall aestheic of its church.

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In Depth

A Wisconsin church was in need of a shrine to devoted to Mary the mother of Christ. Heritage was contacted and told to design an shrine that would fit into the existing church interior; in both the spacial and liturgical sense. Our staff set to work and came up with a hyrbid wood and marble design with gold topped columns and a large icon for the centerpiece.

Once the design was approved, we set to work cutting the various wooden components to the appropriate size and style. In this case, marble was required to form the platform and front ornamentation of the shrine. Heritage acquired gray veined white quartz marble from our network of suppliers. After the wood components were assembled and finished with a rich, dark brown; the marble sheets were inserted into the shrine.

The final touch was a hand-hammered metal icon of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. This piece was also sourced from our network. Once all the work was concluded, Heritage’s staff delivered and installed the shrine in our client’s church. The new shrine will serve to further highlight the liturgical significance of the space posterity.

Gallery: A Custom Shrine


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