In this project, Heritage hunts for a rare replacement glass panel for a decades-old lampshade.


In Depth

An approximately thirty year-old stained glass lamp was brought to Heritage Restoration for repairs. Accidental damage had caused a five-way crack in the glass that was both structurally risky and blatantly visible when the lamp was on. Also, the base and stem of the lamp were composed of two different metals whose finish was fading. We agreed to repair the glass and refinish the lamp to a uniform color.

Our first step in restoring the lamp was to disassemble the glass lampshade. The most challenging aspect of this project was to source a glass panel with an identical beige-ocher pattern. Also, the original glass had a roughened interior bevel, but a smooth outer surface. This type of glass was no longer manufactured. Our artisans selected the closest available match and set to work cutting it down to size.

Once the glass was cut, it was reinserted into the metal housing of the lampshade. The shade, base, and stand were treated with a dark bronze coating, which created both a vibrant contrast with the glass and an antiqued appearance. At the client’s request the wiring was redone to comply with modern standards. The lamp is now fully repaired and ready for use.

View Our Work - A Restored Biege Lampshade


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