In Brief

A company trophy from fifty-four years ago was replated enscribed to form a family legacy item.



In Depth

A State Farm 'Man of the Year' trophy from 1967 was tarnished after half a century of atmospheric exposure. In addition, the inscription detailing the award recipient and year are in the process of wearing away entirely. The final issue to be corrected is a bend in the trophy's stem.

Heritage Restoration treats metalware projects like these in stages. The first issue to be dealt with was the bend in the metal. If the plating had occurred first, then straightening the stem would cause noticeable creases or breaks. Once the trophy was bent back into shape, a its surface was given a chemical cleaning to remove debris. The surface was then plated in silver to bring back its luster. Finally, the inscription was laser etched onto the new plating. At our client's request, a State Farm logo from the 1960s was also etched beneath the text.

With the etching in place, the legacy item was restored. Our client can now enjoy this piece of history for years to come.

Before-After: Man of the Year Trophy


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