An old-fashioned secretary desk was revitalized using specialized coatings. After the restoration was complete, the aged piece of furniture was much more striking and vibrant and in its appearance.




In Depth

Over time, wood fades in color. Their stains and paints do not last forever. Nowadays, there are compounds that can be applied on wooden surfaces to increase their longevity. For this project, the desk was to be restored without stripping away the original finish. Instead, the wood surface would recieve a double-coating of an industrial conversion compound which would allow the finish to 'pop-out' in a more dramatic fashion.

To perform this process, the attached components (such as drawers, windows, and hardware) were disassembled from the main desk. Each piece was then seperately coated and left to cure. The glass panels were given a cleaning, and then reinstalled into the finished frames. New wooden stops were cut and finished to match the rest of the desk. These were added behind the glass to secure it into place. After the curing process was complete, the desk was put back together and delivered to our client. The newly applied compound not only adds lusture to the wood's appearance, but it also provides increased protection for the finish that will increase the useable lifespan of the desk.

Secretary Desk Before And After


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