A stained glass window was damaged in a recent fall. Heritage was contacted to provide repairs on a damaged depiction of the famous Italian monastery Monte Cassino.

In Depth

During a move, a single panel of stained glass was dropped. Two sections on the main pane were cracked. Heritage took the window and replaced a cracked piece of background glass with glass of an identical color. The depiction of the Monte Cassino abbey was broken into five places. There would be no effective way to fuse the glass without the cracks being clearly visible. Instead, the damaged section was removed and a template made from it. A replacement piece of glass was cut in the correct shape, painted, and fired in a kiln. Once it was complete, this new version of the abbey was virtually indistinguishable from the original.

The stained glass window was reassembled with its new abbey and returned to the client. Its statisfying to see that, with a little elbow grease, damaged glassware can be brought back into use and provide illumination to an interior space.

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