An out-of-state church was in a bind regarding a piece of metalware. It was too large to fit into standard cases. Heritage manufactured a custom containment box to house this metal. This case had to be crafted in such a way that it could fit into a tight space for storage inside a tabernacle.

In Depth

Monstrances used in Catholic Churches for Eucharistic Adoration have a detachable centerpiece. This is known as the luna. It is a circular section that contains the Eucharist. This piece is stored in an enclosed tabernacle when not on public display. However, the particular luna in question was quite larger than the standard size. To securely store it, the luna required a custom case or ‘custodi box’.

Based on the target dimensions, this box would need to be tall enough to house the luna, while remaining slim enough to fit inside a tabernacle. To provide some visual flare, the case was created in a tri-tone design that overlapped walnut, walnut burl, and middle eastern olive woods. It is proper policy that the Eucharist always be encased in containers of precious metals as a sign of respect. As such, the interior of the box was coated in a twenty-four karat gold leaf.

To see some images of the completed custodi, we invite you to view our gallery below.

Custom Built Custodi Box


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