Two mid-sized wooden conference tables were brought in to have their gouges and scuff marked removed. The table tops were adorned with custom indented patterns. These designs would need to be carefully recreated by hand during the refinishing process.

In Depth

Over the past several years, the tables surfaces were scratched and pockmarked in dozens of places. Most of these blemishes were limited to the high gloss finish, but some scratches had gone deep enough to cut into the wood itself. The most notable damages were on the table legs. The ornamented leaf design had not only lost its original gold color, but large sections of wood had broken off as well. While the tables remained sturdy and ready for production, a fair amount of work would be required to make them sightly again.

The first step in a process like this is to remove the existing finish coating. Doing so allows the woodworkers access to the real surface of the table. Chemical agents were carefully applied over the finish, which soon dissolved. Afterwards, both tables underwent repairs. Chips and dents in the surface were filled, and the large gouges in the legs were replaced with carved wood. This process took several days crafting both by hand and by machine in order to make sure the replacements matched the broken filigree.

Now that they were whole again, the tables could be stained back into their original colors. This process would take some care, as the surface required a two-tone color scheme to recreate the inlayed design. Several hours of work went into making sure the colors were a perfect match. Once the stain cured, a glossy finish coating was applied. This compound protects the surface of the wood, and enhances the stain’s color. As a final touch, the leaves on the legs of the tables were coated in a liquid mixture of gold dust known as gold leaf.

The conference room tables completed their refinishing process after a few days of curing. They were put back into service with a new vibrancy and increased longevity. We invite you to look through the gallery below to view the steps of this process.

Finishing Antique Conference Tables


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