A thirty year old wooden house door was brought in for refinishing. Its once rich cherry color had faded into a pale yellow. Worse still, a large dye stain covered both the door's base and its carved centerpiece. These blemishes were carefully lightened and a new cherry stain was applied.



In Detail

The front door of a house can be expected to suffer wear and tear over decades of use. This project's particular door was structurally in good shape. Unfortunately, its finish coating was another story entirely. Thirty years of sunlight had caused the surface to fade. Additionally recent contact with a thick dye-stain had turned much of the lower half of the door dark brown. To remedy this situation, we would first need to treat the dyed portion of the door and get its color tone in line with the rest of the surface.

The stained portions of the door were coated in solvents and multiple layers of stripping agents. After these chemicals had done their job and eaten away a good chunk of the old stain, the area was hand sanded. This resulted in the door having a relatively uniform color. A cherry wood stain was then coated across the whole door. The carved centerpiece was given a detail treatment to highlight its design. Once this was accomplished, an exterior grade varnish was added over the stain. This door is now ready to go back into use.

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