Heritage Restoration repairs a damaged stained glass window of St. Jude Thaddeus. As it happens, this particular window happens to be one that we installed over a decade ago.

In Depth

Nearly fifteen years ago, Heritage created a series of stained glass windows for a church in Kansas. These detailed windows each depict a particular saint of Apostle. The glass panel depicting St. Jude Thaddeus was broken recently during a interior renovation. A scaffold piece had smashed through the glass and shattered a portion of the saint's light blue cloak. Thankfully, this section of the window was isolated and relatively easy to fix for Heritage's skilled artisans.

Heritage's staff traveled to the church and removed the damaged window. This panel was brought back to Peoria, Illinois for repairs. We disassembled enough of the glass to access the break point and cleared away the remains of the broken glass. A piece of identically colored blue glass was painted with the same patten that the rest of the cloak possessed. This paint was adhered to the glass' surface by firing it in a kiln. Once this replacement piece was inserted into the window, it matched so seemlessly it was hard to tell that it wasn't part of the original design. With St. Thaddeus whole once again, we traveled back to Kansas and inserted the window back into the church. To see some images of this process, we invite you to view the gallery below.

View Our Work - St Thaddeus Window


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