A local engineer and hobby carpenter specialized in creating heirloom quality reproductions of furniture pieces from the 18th-20th centuries. One of his mirrors had been damaged over the past few years. The damaged sections of the frame were recreated while the remainder of the vintage piece was preserved.

In Depth

The goal of this project was to repair the mirror frame while preserving as much of the original look as possible. As such, only the damaged areas would be repaired and touched up. The frame’s base was loose and had cracked seals requiring stabilization. On both sides, a curled frond had broken off. These would be replaced. The old hanging wire required tightening to keep the repaired mirror stable. Finally, the most noticeable piece of damage was a large leaf molding on the top of the mirror. This piece had previously been lost and needed to be recreated from scratch.

The wooden base was carefully sealed in order to adhere the cracked surfaces together. Afterwards, the two missing fronds were carefully shaped to match the original design. These pieces were attached at the break points without disturbing the rest of the frame sides. Finally, the new leaf molding was fabricated and attached on top above the existing laurels. This crown piece was painted to create a seamless look that blends with the remainder of the frame. Once those repairs were complete, the mirror was officially considered preserved

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