This hope chest had seen better days. Its had become faded and heavily scratched. The tarnished surface was carefully treated to bring the chest back to its former glory.

In More Detail

PaSome pieces of the chest’s veneer had broken off on both the lid and base. Worse still, a sizable section of the decorative trim was missing on the left side of the chest. The surface was heavily scratched and sported a huge ring-shaped water stain on the lid. These blemishes would be mitigated during the stripping process.

Stripping a piece covered in veneers is difficult. The right amount of pressure must be applied to remove old coatings without scraping away the actual bits you are trying to preserve. As such the surface was treated delicately during this process and eventually all the muck was removed. Afterwards, the residue of the stripping compounds is gently sanded away leaving the surface ready to be coated.

Before staining could begin, the missing trim piece needed to be replaced. To make sure the repairs look authentic, the ‘profile’ of the surviving trim was copied. We cut this new piece of wood to have the same styling and shape, then attached it to the rim of the chest. With that repair complete, the chest was given multiple coatings of stains and finish sealers to create its final color. The sections of broken veneer were blended as best as possible to match with the rest of the surfaces. After spending a couple days drying out, the chest was considered complete and shipped to our client in the South West.

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