A home was suffering from noise issues coming in from outside of the property. Heritage Restoration created an unique sound break in the form of this partial privacy fence.

In Depth

A fence serves many useful purposes. It provides a break to noise traveling on the wind, protects a yard from view, and serves as a decoration that denotes a property's boundaries. While this is great, some homeowners feel that full fences restrict too much of their own view of the outside world. A partial privacy fence is a compromise that serves to obscure the majority of a property while still allowing some visibility.

For this project, the home in question was having noise issues. A design was put together to build a fence in such a way that it would channel the majority of the noise away from the house. The lumber that was used to make this stylized build was western red cedar. We stained this wood and assembled it into sections. These composites were taken to the home. At the time of this project, the mid-December weather had turned the ground hard and it took quite a few hours to dig the post holes. Despite the difficulty, the fence was installed and is looking good. Take a look at the gallery below for some images of the completed semi-privacy fence.

Special thanks to Wilson Services for their assistance during the installation.

Red Cedar Semi-Private Fence


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