Heritage Restoration and Design Studio cleaned and re-coated six oxidized outdoor wall sconces for a city landmark. Half a century of exposure to the elements had tarnished the copper to the point where it had corroded into copper carbonate. After cleaning, coating and some new fiberglass panels, the refinished sconces look fresh and clean!

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In Depth

After remaining outside a landmark cathedral for decades, six copper light sconces had become heavily corroded. Much in the same way as the statue of liberty, the sconces' metallic brown had faded into a green copper carbonate. Each fixture had a dense fiber mesh to cover its light bulb. Years of exposure to the elements had frayed the meshes to the point where they required replacement. Heritage disassembled each sconce and removed the old meshes. Semi-translucent plastic sheets were cut and heat molded into the correct shapes to replace the meshes. Meanwhile, each lamp was stripped and cleaned of its corroded finish and exterior debris. Afterwards, the metal surfaces were recoated in a fresh layer of shining copper.

Once the plastic covers were reattached to the sconces, the restored fixtures were delivered to our client. See our gallery below to view images of the fixtures back on the cathedral walls!

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