Heritage Restoration and Design Studio has years of experience manufacturing and restoring church furniture. Today, we are building a custom adoration altar for use at a convention. To accommodate moving the piece in and out of the distant hotel hosting the event, the altar was made in several different parts. These components can be disassembled for transit, then put back together for use without the need of any tools.

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In Depth

Prior to the start of construction, a detailed plan was created. Each section of the altar needed to be able to both bear the weight of and fit well into the others, without being too heavy or cumbersome to move. Once the plan is complete, the components are cut and shaped in our wood shop. Finely detailed works such as the filigrees and custom emblem are carved using computer designs and our CNC machine.

Next each piece is brought to our finishing room where they are primed. The wood sections are stained a deep, rich brown. To protect the surface from the elements, the components are finished with conversion industrial lacquer varnish. To emulate the look of real onyx, the capitals are marbleized using our proprietary process. The logo of the Knights of the Holy Sepulchre, a philanthropic religious order dating from the time of the Crusades, is painted with rich red to capture the eye.

For the interior of the altar top, two hand-hammered adoring angel icons and a gold monstrance are acquired from our network of suppliers. The icons hang on the inside of both of the swinging doors. To protect the monstrance and Eucharist, a lock is installed on the door. As a final touch ornate wallpaper and an overhead light are installed into the reliquary area.

This custom piece is now complete and ready for usage at the convention. View our gallery below to see some images of the construction process.

View Our Work - Traveling Altarpiece


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