Saint Anthony of Padua Altar

Project Overview

Heritage Restoration and Design was contracted to provide interior furnishings to the new St. Anthony of Padua church among the Centennial Hills in Las Vegas, Nevada. After waiting ten years with a rapidly growing parish community, they were finally able to build. Due to the community’s large size and small budget, the parish was unable to build both a church and pastoral center, so the new building was to be utilized for both purposes. Heritage came up with innovative techniques to create a space which could be used interchangeably as both a place of worship and a parish hall. This was accomplished by creating furnishings which both served traditional liturgical purposes but could also be easily stored as needed.


Our Lady of Prompt Succor

Project Overview

Heritage Restoration and Design Studio's first interaction with Our Lady of Prompt Succor Church was when they became the unfortunate victims of a series of vandalisms. Through the restoration of these destroyed artifacts, Heritage was asked to design a series of church furnishings to better utilize the existing space. The furnishings design had to incorporate the traditional orders of architecture with influences from local and French traditions of the area.


Belleville Ambo

Project Overview

Heritage was asked to review a collection of historic millwork and design a new pulpit and bishop’s canopy around the historic components. The 100 year old millwork was in need of stripping and refinishing. The wood components needed to be blended in with new wood components in a manner in which they were allowed to stand out on their own. The original millwork was very dry and brittle and required special processes to rejuvinate the wood components without creating splits and warping material. HRD suspended a wooden cross weighing 250 pounds across a 75 foot expanse at 35 feet in the air. Heritage manufactured a set of custom wood candlesticks with built in historic wood statuary.


Unity Temple Sanctuary

Project Overview

Heritage Restoration was invited to bid and participate in the restoration of Unity Temple, designed by world renowned architect Frank Loyd Wright. This famous building is on several historic registers and is an UNESCO World Heritage Site applicant. It was Heritage Restoration's responsibility to restore all of the historic millwork in this building and replicate any missing components as needed.


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