Heritage Restoration and Design Studio has years of experience manufacturing and restoring church furniture. Today, we are building a custom adoration altar for use at a convention. To accommodate moving the piece in and out of the distant hotel hosting the event, the altar was made in several different parts. These components can be disassembled for transit, then put back together for use.


Project Overview

Heritage recently restored this antique statue of St Therese of Lisieux. The goal was to repaint the statue to appear more realistic to the saint's original appearance. Modern saints such as St Therese provide a great aid to artists, as there are photographs taken during their lifetimes. These images allow us to more accurately recreate an authentic appearance.


Project Overview

Heritage Restoration recently restored two aged chalices.



Heritage Restoration and Design Studio cleaned and re-coated six oxidized outdoor wall sconces for a city landmark. Half a century of exposure to the elements had tarnished the copper to the point where it had corroded into copper carbonate. After cleaning, coating and some new fiberglass panels, the refinished sconces look fresh and clean!



Heritage Restoration recently repaired and repainted this statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Its faded, creamy colors were replaced with deeper reds and improved detailing.


Restoration of the Reading of the Will

Project Overview

Heritage recently restored an century-year-old oil painting by the German artist Fritz Wagner: 'The Reading of the Will' Check out our article below to see how this process works!


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