Recently, an antique plaster memorial plaque was discovered in a church’s attic. It commemorates members of the parish who gave their lives in the service of their country during the Second World War. A full restoration was required to salvage the plaque so that it could once again hang proudly inside the church.



A California church reached out to Heritage and asked us to create a stained glass window of their patron saint, St Elizabeth Ann Seton. It would replace their existing clear window near the entryway of the church.



Today Heritage Restoration restored the original 1906 mosaic tile floor in the main entrance of the Carnegie Library Building in Mendota, Illinois



Heritage Restoration recently re-purposed and refinished the furniture for St. Thomas Church in northern Illinois. The altars, credence table, pulpit, and baptismal font were rebuilt using a mixture of marble inserts and the original pieces' woodwork.


In Brief

Heritage Restoration was contacted to restore a window from the mid 1800s. This stained glass panel was discovered inside of a church wall facade during a recent renovation.



An outdoor crucifix has stood tall in the midst St. Vincent's Cemetery for many decades. The years have weathered the surface of the steel cross and compromised the integrity of the corpus. Heritage Restoration was contacted to come out and restore the crucifix so that it can continue to bring peace to those who mourn their loved ones interned below.


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