Project Overview

Heritage Restoration was invited to serve as general contractor for the restoration of Reddick Mansion in Ottawa, Illinois. This distinguished pre-Civil War home is a part of the National Register of Historic Places under the Washington Park Historic District. Heritage was also responsible for restoring all of the historic millwork and glass, as well as replicating any missing components that had been lost to time.



After eighteen months of serving as general contractor, Heritage Restoration is proud to annouce the completion of our large scale exterior restoration of the historic Reddick Mansion. This Ottawa, Illinois landmark is an expansive pre-Civil War home in the Italianate style. To learn about this project, we invite you read more below.


In Brief

Heritage Restoration was contacted to restore a window from the mid 1800s. This stained glass panel was discovered inside of a church wall facade during a recent renovation.



An outdoor crucifix has stood tall in the midst St. Vincent's Cemetery for many decades. The years have weathered the surface of the steel cross and compromised the integrity of the corpus. Heritage Restoration was contacted to come out and restore the crucifix so that it can continue to bring peace to those who mourn their loved ones interned below.


In Brief

Heritage recently constructed this wooden shrine for an out-of-state client. We put specific detail into the liturgical design of the shrine, in as much as it needs to match with the overall aestheic of its church.


Damaged Medallion


Two antique ceiling medallions were ordered for reconstruction for the historic Peoria Marriott Pierre Marquette Hotel. The originals were long gone, but Heritage was able to accurately rebuild them using photographs as a reference.


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