An out-of-state church was in a bind regarding a piece of metalware. It was too large to fit into standard cases. Heritage manufactured a custom containment box to house this metal. This case had to be crafted in such a way that it could fit into a tight space for storage inside a tabernacle.



During some household cleaning, a furniture polish had eaten through a noticeable portion of this television cabinet top’s finish. Heritage Restoration took the cabinet and put it through a refinishing process. The remainder of the tabletop was cleared to create a uniform surface. This surface was then coated, in a process called staining, with the correct hue of brown. Afterwards, a protective coating known as a finish was applied on top of the stain. Finishes not only create a protective layer between the stain and the atmosphere, but they also increases the luster of the wood. After drying for twenty-four hours, the restored cabinet was delivered back to its owner.



An aged corner cabinet was given a face-lift in our refinishing room.


In Brief

Oil paintings are a beautiful medium for conveying a sense of location. That said, there will be times where paintings fade or otherwise deteriorate over time. In this particular case, this oil painting of a small coastal community’s boat dock is crumbling. The paint has lost adhesion to its canvas and is flecking off in thousands of small chips. The dire condition of this piece necessitated a multi-step process for Heritage’s staff to ensure the painting would survive for many more years.



Heritage Restoration’s latest stained glass commission served as the finale to a special tribute night that honored a local developer and philanthropist. The event was attended by Heritage’s Chief of Operations and had entertainment provided by the Beach Boys and the Peoria Symphony Orchestra.



Heritage Restoration was recently featured in the news for our part in the ongoing restoration of the Hale Memorial Church. This structure has stood in the West Bluff region of Peoria for well over a century. The church’s forty-two stained glass windows are compromised and nearing collapse. To prevent further deterioration, the property’s new owners have contracted Heritage to remove and stabilize the windows for storage.


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