This stylized chair has become scratched with age. Our client wanted his furntirue piece restored ino a like-new condition. Heritage Restoration's wood shop obliged and performed a full refinishing job that restored the value to this damaged recliner.



When exposed to the air, copper naturally oxidyzes. It turns black and then green. In this project, two antique copper tubs were suffering from years of interacting with the oxygen in the air. We managed to clean them up and get these storage units back in a presentable condition.


Project Overview

Utilizing computer modeling, carving machines, and hand finishing Heritage Restoration built a custom series of chess sets for a one-off project.


Project Overview

Heritage Restoration recently restored the damaged frame for a portrait photograph of a young soldier.



Heritage Restoration and Design Studio has years of experience manufacturing and restoring church furniture. Today, we are building a custom adoration altar for use at a convention. To accommodate moving the piece in and out of the distant hotel hosting the event, the altar was made in several different parts. These components can be disassembled for transit, then put back together for use.


A Letter from the President of Heritage Restoration and Design Studio

Date: 03-23-20

Friday afternoon, 3-20-20, Illinois Governor JB Pritzker issued EXECUTIVE ORDER 2020-10 requiring people to shelter in place starting 3-21-20. This order requires all people to stay at home, except for those who are considered essential for the infrastructure workplace of the United States.

Per the US Department of Homeland Security’s Guidance on the Essential Critical Infrastructure Workforce Memorandum issued on March 19th, 2020:


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