Heritage Restoration was recently featured in the news for our part in the ongoing restoration of the Hale Memorial Church. This structure has stood in the West Bluff region of Peoria for well over a century. The church’s forty-two stained glass windows are compromised and nearing collapse. To prevent further deterioration, the property’s new owners have contracted Heritage to remove and stabilize the windows for storage.



An old church bell from 1904 was in a bad state of corrosion. Its polished nickle surface had turned dull and green during the past century. The staff at the Sacre' Coeur Retreat Center requested that Heritage Restoration to both restore the bell’s original finish and repair its hardware. The goal of this project was to make the bell operational once more, and to install it at the Retreat Center.



A stained glass window was damaged in a recent fall. Heritage was contacted to provide repairs on a damaged depiction of the famous Italian monastery Monte Cassino.



A stained glass window in a city’s oldest surviving church was recently vandalized. A replacement section was created to scale and installed into the original glass panel.



An old-fashioned secretary desk was revitalized using specialized coatings. After the restoration was complete, the aged piece of furniture was much more striking and vibrant and in its appearance.


In Brief

A company trophy from fifty-four years ago was replated enscribed to form a family legacy item.


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